Razz for Beginners

If you are new to this Razz, or you have been thinking about trying it out, I’m going to give you a few tips to help you on your way.

One of the first things you need to know is some rules and how a hand is made. Razz is a variation of Seven Card Stud, hands are made by playing your five lowest cards. In this game, straights and flushes don’t count and the best possible hand you can have is A2345. Also the rankings start with the highest card and it works it’s way back to the lowest card. For example, a hand of 87642 will beat a hand of 8765A because in hand one the 4 is lower than hand two’s 5.

Like any other casino gaming platform one of the most important factors is your starting hand selection. The better starting hand you have the better odds you have of making the best hand. In Razz, A23 is the best starting hand. When looking for a starting hand in Razz I suggest playing hands with the highest card being an 8, and don’t play any starting hands that are paired.

Playing starting hands with no card higher than an 8 and no pairs is pretty tight and you will have to wait a while to play some hands. One thing I suggest if you play this tight is to try and steal the ante’s and the come in bet when you are in late position and you are showing a low card. In Razz, it is really hard to defend when you have to post the come in because you are starting off with a really high card.

Another thing about Razz is that the strength of your board is very important. The lower the cards you have showing the more strength you can represent when betting. So another thing you can look for is when you are dealt a hand like T5A and you are in late position. If there is only one other player in the hand you can raise with hands like this and hope to isolate your opponent. If you draw low cards and your opponent draws high cards you can win this hand by representing strength.

For example let’s say you are playing T5A and you have an ace showing, your opponent has a 6 showing. If the 4th street card brings a 5 for you and a King for your opponent, you can bet this hand even though you paired because it looks like it could have possibly helped your hand, even though it didn’t. Since your opponent drew a bad card and your board is now showing A5 and he’s showing 6K, he knows he could be way behind and might be forced to fold here.

Another important thing in Razz is reading your opponents board. One thing I’ve noticed is people will stay in with bad cards just because you have bad cards showing. In Razz you have to play your 5 best cards so if your opponent is showing something like 2JT9, your opponent is going to have to play the 9. Like I said, I’ve been in hands where I have something like AKQ8 showing and I’ve made a hand that can beat 9 high. When you are in situations like this try and get as much out of your opponent as you can because you do have a sure thing.

Good luck at the tables and I hope these tips will be beneficial for you.

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